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Atmospherically good – professional, modern and humane – we introduce ourselves and our practice

We are aware that a visit to the doctor is often associated with doubts, fears or discomfort. We would therefore like to welcome you in a pleasant and professional atmosphere that will make your stay as pleasant as possible. We offer modern rooms and a team of highly qualified specialists and trained employees who warmly welcome you and competently look after you.

Our highlights:

  • open 3T-MRI
  • New generation multi-line CT
  • Modern digital x-ray
  • Focus on neuroradiology
  • Minimally invasive pain therapy

Get to know us:
Your doctors

Dr. med. Mirko Schiemann

Dr. med.
Mirko Schiemann

Radiology specialist

Oncological radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, lung diagnostics
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„The versatility of radiology inspires me every day. To help people through modern imaging gives me a great deal.“

Dr. med.  Andreas Gottschalk

Dr. med.
Andreas Gottschalk

Specialist in radiology and neuroradiology

Neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, vascular diagnostics, diseases of the liquor system, minimally invasive pain therapy
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„Radiology is an extremely exciting and constantly evolving field, the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities fascinate me over and over. To be able to effectively help our patients with modern examination techniques and minimally invasive therapy methods gives me great pleasure every day."

Dr. med. Thomas Diebold

Dr. med.
Thomas Diebold

Specialist in diagnostic radiology

Breast diagnostics
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The evaluations of my findings in the screening with very good results give me great pleasure. As well as the positive feedbacks from patients and referrers.“

Dr. med. Peggy Gottschalk

Dr. med.
Peggy Gottschalk

Radiology specialist

Breast diagnostics, thyroid diagnostics, oncological radiology
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Dr. med. Stephanie Steinbacher

Dr. med.
Stephanie Steinbacher

Radiology specialist

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Dr. Anne-Liese Braun

Radiology specialist

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An overview of our awards

in Bad Homburg auf jameda
Welcome to the Bad Homburg Radiological Center

Our premises.

Welcome to the Bad Homburg Radiological Center. What can you find with us? Over 1000 square meters with modern technology, a friendly atmosphere and an attractive waiting and reception area. In short: a modern and humane practice in which health is the focus. Come in - and feel good!

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