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Digitale Röntgendiagnostik

What is digital x-ray?

In the radiological process of digital x-rays, digital images of different areas of the body are recorded. In our practice we offer digital X-ray diagnostics for the following areas: entire skeletal system, lungs, abdomen, pelvis. 

With our modern, new generation X-ray system, we guarantee you a particularly low-radiation and gentle examination technique.

Before the examination

Before the X-ray examination, we ask you to remove all objects such as jewelry, watches or hair clips that are in the examination area. Our competent team will then put you in the right position for the X-ray.

How is the examination performed?

In order for the recording to be accurate, we ask you to move as little as possible and to relax as much as possible. When the recording starts, our team is in the next room in order not to expose themselves to radiation.

After the examination

One advantage of modern digital X-ray is that the responsible radiologist can view the images on the computer immediately after they have been taken. The images no longer have to be developed in an extra time-consuming process and are immediately available.