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Sonografie Besprechung

What is a sonography?

A sonography is the examination of organic tissue using ultrasound waves. A sonography is usually painless and can be performed relatively quickly. For this purpose, ultrasonic waves are sent through the tissue to be examined and reflected to varying degrees. Meaningful images can be calculated and digitally saved.

Which areas of sonography do we offer?

In our practice we offer sonography / ultrasound examinations for the following areas:

  • Sonography of the upper abdominal organs
  • Sonography of the pelvic organs
  • Sonography of the breast
  • Thyroid Sonography
  • Sonography of the remaining soft tissue of the neck
  • Sonography of the lymph nodes

Before the examination

In the case of a planned examination of the upper abdominal or pelvic organs, you should stay sober on the morning of the examination appointment. With all other examination regions you do not need to pay attention to anything special before the sonography. If you have any questions, we will be happy to clarify them with you at any time.

How is the examination performed?

As a rule, the examination takes place lying down. For the examination, the radiologist places the transducer of the ultrasound device on the body region to be examined and moves it in different directions with light pressure. A gentle gel on the transducer enables a connection between the ultrasound waves and the patient's skin.

After the examination

After the examination, the radiologist will discuss the results of the sonography with you and give you detailed advice on possible further measures.