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What is a bone density measurement?

A bone density measurement (also called osteodensitometry) is used for professional assessment of bone density. This enables osteoporosis (loss of bone mass / disruption of bone tissue) to be detected early or if suspected. The bone density measurement is carried out with the DXA method ("Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry"), a special X-ray technology.

Before the examination

For the DXA process, the device is adjusted to your age, weight and height. You lie down on a lounger and are usually allowed to keep your clothes on - unless you are wearing objects that could affect the measurement. Of course we will inform you here before the examination.

How is the examination performed?

The DXA examination to measure bone density usually only takes a few minutes, is painless and only involves very little radiation.

After the examination

After the examination, the radiologist evaluates the measurement result with special computer programs. Your measured values are compared with reference values and your individual bone density is evaluated in comparison.